Thursday, 1 May 2014

Ventauran Kickstarter from Darkest Star Games

Darkest Star Games is one of the many boutique figure manufacturers I support by buying too many of their toy soldiers.

Producing an excellent range of 6mm scale miniatures, Darby has also been expanding his 15mm line. Recently, he has been "upscaling" a number of his 6mm vehicles to 15mm - such as the Talin IFV and the S'orhan LODAN GIFV.

The Talin Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) has a nice Low/Mid-Tech vibe about it. Civilianized, it would make a great ATV.

The S'orhan Low Orbit Drop Assault Vehicle, Grav Infantry Fighting Vehicle is a Ventauran Grav Assault ship and is a huge model - over 12cm long.

So it really wasn't a surprise when Darby announced a Kickstarter to accelerate the "biggification" process. Initially aiming at getting two new vehicles - the Ventauran Kh'erian Main Battle Tank and the Federation Scorpion Light Armoured Combat Vehicle into production, one of the stretch goals is the release of a new batch of Ventauran Infantry.

Sculpted by the gentleman who produced the original 25mm Ventaurans, these new 15mm sculpts can be seen as an upgrade on the excellent Ventauran Infantry produced by Eureka Miniatures.

So, if Ventaurans are your thing or if, like me, you see Zhodani, check out the Kickstarter and help get these little guys onto a battlefield near you.

Note - all photos lifted from either Darkest Star's website or the Kickstarter page.