Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Website Update #24

Haven't been feeling too flash, these last few weeks, and while we've reached the successful conclusion of Chapter 2 of The Tunnels of Tonivar Traveller sessions, I find myself feeling a slight lack of motivation to write up the story, or even carry on with development work on the Sector Fleet. I put this down to mid-winter blues, and the fact I need a decent break from work.

A few finished figures on my blog.

Friday, 12 July 2013

By Dagger or Talon - revised

A post from Ambush Alley Shawn on the 15mm Science Fiction G+ Group alerted me to the fact that the first supplement for Tomorrow's War is now available for pre-order on the Ambush Alley website.

I've been mulling over rules sets for playing out Traveller ground actions beyond the skirmish level. So far in the running is Stargrunt from Ground Zero Games, and Tomorrow's War. I had been leaning towards Tomorrow's War as a rule system, and the release of By Dagger and Talon, which introduces the alien Draghaur to the Tomorrowverse, has added further weight to the argument.

Edit: I should really double check what I'm writing when tired. The print book is expected to ship with two to three weeks of July 12th. In the current pre-order period, those ordering the print copy of the supplement will be able to get a free and complementary pdf copy of the book for, well, free. I took advantage of this offer today, and have been having a quick look through the pdf. I like what I see and can't wait for my print book to arrive. I have also moved my Draghaur figures to the front of the painting cue.

Thursday, 4 July 2013


I came home from work, today (this sounds like the opening verse to a blues song) and found a package waiting for me ...

Bleedin' 'eck! You can land a Scout Ship on this.

Two packets? Or a packet and a box ...

And in the packet - a set of dice, a Travellers' Aid Society membership card in the name of Dietrich hault-Rauln (one of my few characters - I tend to GM more than I get the opportunity to be a player), a Jump Drive and two Cr25 coins.

Close-up of the TAS card - this is a really cool prop.

And inside the box - Captain Jamison's Beard! What a monster!

Two inches thick - you could repel a pack of Vargr boarders with it! Whatta book!

Marc signed the book himself - he signed all two thousand copies that went out to Kickstarter supporters. No wonder it took some time to get them all out.

And a patent of nobility ... pour moi?

Dietrich gets his gong. Another cool prop!

My favourite T5 quote so far is:
My God - it's full of tables.