Saturday, 30 August 2014

House Asheranon, Siridar-Barons of Exxilon Part 2

I had quite a bit of fun working up a family tree for House Asheranon of Bromus.

From my existing family trees, I knew that I had to link in a Morwen, who married Piero of Bromus; and a Bessl who married Duke of Li'iatan II of Miazan.

Aryon hault-Asheranon served on Duke Chi'leur I of Miazan's staff for over twenty years following the establishment of Miazan Subsector. When the planning began to open Exxilon up for colonization, Aryon and his son, Clyn, and daughter, Morwen, were heavily involved in fitting out the expedition. It was during the reign of Chi'leur's son, Duke Mah'radys I, and following the death of Aryon hault-Asheranon, that the settlement of Exxilon began, and Mah'radys I raised House Asheranon to House Major status by confirming them as Siridar-Barons of Exxilon.

Exxilon lies within the County of Bromus, and even though Morwen hault-Asheranon married Piero Mahuran, grandson of Count Sakkan I of Bromus, relations between House Asheranon of Exxilon and House Mahuran of Bromus, their feudal overlords, remain strained.

So, we already know that:
House Asheranon are Siridar-Barons of Exxilon. House Asheranon practice Absolute Primogeniture. The eldest child inherits, irrespective of sex. The current head of the Household is Padarn II, who is also the Patriarch of House Asheranon. House Asheranon's Influence is Scant (2).

Now, this is interesting. House Asheranon's Influence is described as Scant, yet they have married into both House Mahuran, Siridar-Counts of Bromus, and House Geyukthi, Dukes of Miazan.

Looking more closely at this situation, I see that Piero Mahuran, husband of Morwen hault-Asheranon and grandson of Siridar-Count Sakkan I (872 - 990) of Bromus, predeceased both his father, Oscaran, by 13 years, and his grandfather by seven years, and so never inherited the County. Count Sakkan I, as patriarch of House Mahuran, took charge of Piero and Morwen's children upon Piero's death, and Morwen may have retired to their estate or, more likely, returned to Exxilon.

Just over 100 years later, Bessl hault-Asheranon, sister of Aryon III, Fifth Siridar-Baron Exxilon, married Duke Li'iatan II. Bessl married into a Ducal House on the decline. Devastated by losses incurred during the 3rd Outrim War, and politically outmaneuvered by the Houses Major, House Geyukthi had been reduced, losing the Honour of the Sector Duchy along the way. Bessl worked tirelessly with Li'iatan over the course of his forty-year reign to turn the fortunes of the House, and the subsector, around, only to have much of what they worked for destroyed by the 4th Outrim War of 1080 - 85. As Dowager-Duchess, Bessl continued her work after Li'iatan's death, assisting her son Mah'radys IV, and assisted by Li'iatan's fifth-cousin Admiral Chi'leur Geyukthi, Baron of Culvenia (an estate on Miazan).

In both cases, the members of House Asheranon who married into the more powerful, external Houses, became subsumed by that House's aims and goals and so the alliance did little to benefit House Asheranon.

House Asheranon posses Modest Holdings, generating Cr700,000 for the family per annum. This is in addition to Siridar-Baron Padarn II's personal Holdings.

While not poor, House Asheranon is not a wealthy House. Its holdings are, of course, separate from such wealth as Siridar-Baron Padarn II has managed to amass for his immediate family.

House Asheranon is a large family with 16 directly related members.

There are sixteen members of House Asheranon alive at present. Alongside the senior and junior branches of the House, Houses Minor hault-Resswhen of Exxilon and van Sabor-Mehlan of Miazan also play prominent roles in Exxilon society.

A member of House Asheranon participated in a duel, and lost.

This person was Aryon, eldest son and heir of Padarn II. Aryon has been sent over the Imperial Border as a member of an Exxilonian Trade delegation to the Outrim, until such time as the political dust settles.

Boost local defenses in the Exxilon system by acquiring an SDB flotilla is the current goal of House Asheranon.

Due to its location on the Imperial Border, House Asheranon and the Exxilon Government are very conscious of political currents in the Outrim. With the heightening of tensions due to the imminent withdrawal of Imperial forces from the Kalar-Wi system, and the resurgence of central government power within the Geithurian Republic, House Asheranon has been looking to the defenses of the Exxilon system.

House Asheranon supports an unregistered Mercenary Company.

This Company has been hired out to the Kalar-Wi government of Gaidon to help suppress an uprising by the Kiang, natives of that planet.

I'm quite pleased how the Noble House Character Quirks worked out. They seem to provide a rapid way of expanding Noble Houses from a series of stats to full blown characters in their own right.