Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Solo Games and Tokens

After a bit of a hiatus, during which I continued to plug away at my 6mm Traveller project (as recorded on my modelling log and here), I got inspired to collect all the write-ups I had done for my solo Traveller game into one place. Aloin's Saga - the Collected Sessions, is now a Library Data page on this blog. Another inspiration is the Alea Iactanda est blog where Alea Iactanda est has been running a solo Traveller game called "Star Trader". Once I started looking around a bit, I found another solo game, Voyages of the Blue Pelican, which appears to be in development, but in an interesting part of space.

Just recently we've started back in with the latest couple of sessions of my Tunnels of Tonivar game, set in the RimWorlds. During the second session a situation arose where it was easier to map out the encounter than try to describe it and keep it all straight in everyone's heads.

As we were playing at Chris' house, he broke out some figures to stand in for the various characters. This all worked well and the encounter was resolved successfully, but I was slightly disappointed that we didn't have some science fiction figures to use. It does cause a little break in the the suspension of disbelief if the Aslan in the party is represented by a Frost Giant.

Traveller Adventurers, ready for anything
While I love my 15mm Science Fiction figures, and have painted a couple of hundred over the last few years, we're all getting a little older and picking out individual characters at standard wargames distance has got that much more difficult. I do happen to have a bunch of 25mm - 28mm scale science fiction figures I had picked up over the years in a box - one of a number of projects started and put aside over the years - so I hunted them out and had a look at them.

In this first batch we see (Left to Right): A Kalar-Wi in Combat Armour (Denizen Miniatures Ventauran); Female Adventurer (Pilot, Agent, Merchant - I don't recall the manufacturer Edit: turns out she's from Denizen Miniatures as well); Female ex-Marine in Combat Armour (don't recall the manufacturer Edit: Spacelords figure, now produced by eM4); Male Adventurer in Combat Armour (possibly Denizen Miniatures Federation Edit: can confirm that this figure is from Denizen's Federation range); Male Adventurer (Pilot, Agent, Merchant, Enforcer - Grenadier Cyberpunk miniature).

There are some very nice figures in that collection - from various companies active in the 1980's and 1990's - and so I pulled out a dozen to paint up, while ordering some extras in from overseas. As I was doing this, the New Zealand economy took a major hit and the dollar dropped in the toilet against such currencies as the US dollar, the UK pound and the Zanzibar shekel - so no more new toys for me for a while.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Huiha Esoyatre - an Aslan Minor State Part 3

I needed to create new Aslan terms to describe some of the larger formations deployed by the Trekhyair of Huiha Esoyatre. Using Space Corsair's Word Generator, I added to the word list I had already found:

Trokh Word List
aikoho"many ships", fleet
afeahyalhtowpopular Aslan pet; flying carnivore/killer
ayakyuircarnivore native to Kusyu, noted for speed and ferocity
Akoaft"Far Throwing" - artillery
Trekhyair"land protector" clan military force
Areiale"they who sprint" – marines
Hraye"wanderer" – scout
Ekho’ear"armed family" – squad
Ahr’eah"armed pride" - platoon or company
Hryo"half dozen" - a squadron
Huih’eal"armed clan" – battalion or regiment
Ahr'ekhaoa"pride brotherhood" – brigade
Huih'aisai"dewclaw of the clan" – division
Kheheasoikhir"gathering of warriors" – corp or army

With terminology established for the higher echelons of the Trekhyair, and a basic plan of unit assignments worked out, I began thinking how large Aslan forces might be mustered.

While I otherwise enjoy and use the material in GURPs: Traveller Alien Races 2, I am reluctant to accept that the Aslan military is essentially based around Light Infantry formations. Perhaps this is how clan military units operate in the Aslan Hierate, but in the RimWorlds, Aslan ground forces face opponents who do not follow the Rules of War and Honour. Consequently, the Aslan of the Huiha Esoyatre have evolved formations that match those that they come into conflict with.

Given that Aslan forces are clan based, and that Aslan culture shares parallels with Medieval and Early Renaissance Japanese culture, I had a brief look at some famous Japanese battles of the Edo Period, such as Sekigahara. I also looked at another clan-based military culture, that of the Scots and their order of battle at Culloden. It occurred to me that the name of the officer who leads a formation might be significant in Aslan culture, as names accrue power in a culture that values individual prowess.

This made me consider a culture in transition between the individual prowess of heroic feudal leaders
and the mass produced, die stamped military of the machine age of total warfare. If the Huiha Esoyatre is currently working its way through this process, we might see the numerically inferior, but dominate, Esoyatre Clan producing the numbered regiments of a modern society, while the numerically superior clans that owe fealty to the Esoyatre muster battalions or regiments of various sizes under the personal names and banners of their Colonels. And even the Esoyatre, in their elite formations, may still know their brigades by the Brigadier-Generals who take control of the groupings of battalions, much as Americans recall the brigades of their Civil War.

So, a first pass at part of the Huiha Esoyatre's elite formations:

1st TL14 Elite Amoured CorpKheheassoikhir Soarl fyo Esoyatre Khoiaya
1st Armoured DivisionAlr Huih’aisai Soarl Khoiaya fyo Yuwe
Ahr’ekhaoa fyo Ye'oa'ai (Ye’oa’ai’s Brigade)
1st Elite Regiment Scouts of YuweAlr Huih’eal Soarl Hraye fyo Yuwe
Taulauh’s Elite Armoured RegimentHuih’eal fyo Taulauh Soarl Khoiaya fyo Yuwe
Waoeha’s Elite Armoured RegimentHuih’eal fyo Waoeha Soarl Khoiaya fyo Yuwe
1st Elite Infantry Regiment of YuweAlr Huih’eal Soarl Khir fyo Yuwe
1st Elite Artillery Regiment of YuweAlr Huih’eal Soarl Akoaft fyo Yuwe
Ahr’ekhaoa fyo Khteaes (Khteaes' Brigade)
2nd Elite Regiment Scouts of YuweHlai Huih’eal Soarl Hraye fyo Yuwe
Koaaiea’s Elite Armoured Regiment of YuweHuih’eal fyo Koaaiea Soarl Khoiaya fyo Yuwe
Hkehealr’s Elite Armoured RegimentHuih’eal fyo Hkehealr Soarl Khoiaya fyo Yuwe
2nd Elite Infantry Regiment of YuweHlai Huih’eal Soarl Khir fyo Yuwe
2nd Elite Artillery Regiment of YuweHlai Huih’eal Soarl Akoaft fyo Yuwe
Ahr’ekhaoa fyo Ealeiktyes (Ealeiktyes’ Brigade)
3rd Elite Regiment Scouts of YuweKheh Huih’eal Soarl Hraye fyo Yuwe
Uikhaiw’s Elite Armoured Regiment of YuweHuih’eal fyo Uikhaiw Soarl Khoiaya fyo Yuwe
Eariylu’s Elite Armoured Regiment of YuweHuih’eal fyo Eariylu Soarl Khoiaya fyo Yuwe
3rd Elite Infantry Regiment of YuweKheh Huih’eal Soarl Khir fyo Yuwe
3rd Elite Artillery Regiment of YuweKheh Huih’eal Soarl Akoaft fyo Yuwe
Syehoiye's Brigade Artillery Ahr’ekhaoa fyo Syehoiye Akoaft
4th Elite Artillery Regiment of YuweHryeh Huih’eal Soarl Akoaft fyo Yuwe
1st Elite Esoyatre COACC Regiment of YuweAlr Huih’eal fyo Esoyatre Soarl Afeahyalhtow fyo Yuwe

The First Armoured Division, Alr Huih’aisai Soarl Khoiaya fyo Yuwe, is an Elite formation raised from E'kho Hleahayaou on Yuwe. As E'kho Hleahayaou is a progressive family, and is the dominant family within Huiha Esoyatre, the Huih'aisai has adopted the progressive fashion of numbering individual battalion-regiments, at least within their elite formations. Brigades are still known by the name of their commanding Brigadier.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Huiha Esoyatre - an Aslan Minor State Part 2

Trokh is the main Aslan language and has remained fairly constant across both millenia and parsecs of space. In the RimWorlds, the three known Aslan states are at least 10 parsecs distant from each other and rarely interact. Each Huiha speaks Trokh but with slight local variations. I discovered a partial Aslan dictionary online which has some useful terms, and which seems to either be derived from the word list in MegaTraveller Alien Vol 2Solomani and Aslan - the Rimward Races, or to have helped form it, as well as a word list in GURPs Traveller: Alien Races 2Aslan, K'kree, and Other Races Rimward of the Imperium. Further Trokh words will need to be generated as required from Space Corsair's excellent Traveller word generator programme.

Trokh Word List
aikoho"many ships", fleet
afeahyalhtowpopular Aslan pet; flying carnivore/killer
ayakyuircarnivore native to Kusyu, noted for speed and ferocity
Akoaft"Far Throwing" - artillery
Trekhyair"land protector" clan military force
Ahr’eah"armed pride" - platoon or company
Areiale"they who sprint" – marines
Ekho’ear"armed family" – squad
Hraye"wanderer" – scout
Hryo"half dozen" - a squadron
Huih’eal"armed clan" – battalion or regiment

This list of words provides some useful starters, but I think I will have to generate more.

The Personnel figures I generated for each Huiha and E'kho of the Huiha Esoyatre in part 1 of this article were drawn from the populations of each of the Aslan worlds within the hasoi of Huiha Esoyatre. Consulting Alien Races 2 and Solomani and Aslan I determined that 10% of the population, or population resource equivalent, were currently available for Military service. This is a little higher than normal, but the Huiha Esoyatre shares border space with two potential enemies - the Imperium and the Kalar-Wi - and annexed a Kalar-Wi system only four years ago, so political tensions are elevated.

I had earlier determined, using the tables in GURPs Traveller Ground Forces, that the Huiha Esoyatre had some 3000 battalion equivalents available for offworld deployment as a Tech Level 12 force. The choice was made by the Huiha government to upgrade part of this force to Tech Level 14, and this produced 3 Elite Corps, 3 Elite Divisions and two Elite Independent Regiments equipped to TL14, and 10 Corps, two Independent Divisions and one Independent Brigade equipped to TL12. The equipment upgrade reduced overall numbers to about 1000 battalion equivalents.

When I looked at the Geithurian Republic Table of Organization, I essentially started with the first formation and then assigned battalions to it, before moving on to the next formation. With the Unified Imperial Army Gamelea Command, I worked out possible ranges of unit numbers across all Imperial Subsectors in the RimWorlds, and then assigned units to each formation within the Gamelea and Miazan Subsectors from the available units for those Subsectors. The Huiha Esoyatre, however, was a little different.

.With essentially a feudal form of government, each E'kho is required to contribute personnel and units towards the trekhyair, or "land protector", force of the Huiha, or clan, and each lesser clan is required to contribute units toward the trekhyair of the dominant clan of the Huiha. All these subordinate forces remain under the control of the contributing E'kho or Huiha, even if they fall under the command of the senior E'kho or Huiha. To begin to untangle this knot, I had to know how many personnel each E'kho was able to contribute; work out the percentage of the total trekhyair this represented; and then work out what percentage of the 1000 battalion equivalents already determined as making up the Huiha trekhyair each E'kho's contribution actually numbered.

Did I really need this information? No. But I did want to capture the flavour of an Aslan force, and creating this background material contributes to the richness of the mileau. Also the numbers, as they came up, posed questions as to how politics within the Huiha Esoyatre actually worked, and answering these questions gave me a clearer picture of the Huiha as a whole.

After a little number crunching, I arrived at the following raw figures:

Huiha or ClanBattalions by system
Huiha EsoyatreYuwe: 18 Battalions; Yuakteisye: 192 Battalions; Faiwawhwe: 75 Battalions
Huiha UahwilYuakteisye: 1230 battalions; Faiwawhwe: 72 battalions
Huiha AiaihfaYuakteisye: 600 battalions; Faiwawhwe 66 battalions
E’kho HraktiskearAtlasiykh: 1 battalion
Huiha HwouwoahiwFaiwawhwe: 132 battalions
Huiha I’iyheasFaiwawhwe: 141 battalions
Huiha EakteaeiFaiwawhwe: 153 battalions
Huiha AwuahraFaiwawhwe: 150 battalions
Huiha HtualraluikhFaiwawhwe: 144 battalions
E’kho HroukhteftaiYaitlaorail/Kidan: 1 battalion

As these battalion equivalent numbers were based on the original TL12 3000 battalions, I decided that I would arbitrarily reduce the strength of the larger clans by a third to reduce the over-all total of battalions to better match the formations I had originally generated from GURPs Traveller Ground Forces. One thing that did give me a little wriggle room was the fact that the Aslan don't have set sizes for various units - squads, for example, can vary between 4 and 12 soldiers.

Huiha Esoyatre is both the dominate clan of Yuwe, and the clan that dominates the wider hasoi, even though in military numbers Huiha Esoyatre falls behind Huiha Uahwil and Huiha Aiaihfa. However, Esoyatre's strength may lie in the fact that its four families work more in harmony under the leadership of E'kho Hleahayaou then the eight familes of Huiha Uahwil and the seven families of Huiha Aiaihfa work together under their leading E'khos. Add in political and traditional ties between E'khos of the Great Huihas, as well as alliances with the Lesser Huihas of Faiwawhwe, and interfamily and interclan relationships, and the political landscape of the Huiha becomes a scintillating web of connections. A web that can become an armoured sphere around the hasoi in the event of outside aggression.

Next: A look at the Huiha and E'kho tables of organisation.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Huiha Esoyatre - an Aslan Minor State Part 1

While I haven't written much here, of late, I have been working on a couple of Traveller related projects that tie together.

Looking to be able to game out an escalating ground war between the Outrim Alliance and the Imperium, I have been painting up infantry and armoured units for the main protagonists in 6mm scale. Progress photos are on my modeling log and my gaming blog.

I've also been working on Tables of Organisation for the various factions, extrapolated from the figures I generated for Lymethius Subsector, Gamelea Subsector, and Miazan Subsector, as well as the two articles on the Imperial Marines here and here.

When I came to look at the Aslan of the Huiha Esoyatre, I realized that I needed to take a closer look at the internal political structure of the Huiha. The Aslan are clan and family orientated, and each clan and family maintains their own defense force, recruited from their members and retainers.

Huiha Esoyatre

Huiha Esoyatre is an Aslan polity of five non-Imperial systems in the Lymethius subsector. Consisting of the four systems of the Yuakteisye Cluster (Yuwe, Atlasiykh, Faiwawhwe, and Yuakteisye) as well as the former Kalar-Wi system of Kidan (annexed in 1106 in the aftermath of the Kalar-Wi War and now known as Yaitlaorail), Huiha Esoyatre has a total population of 85.0136 billion sophonts, 99.9% of whom are Aslan. As one of the major polities in the Outrim Alliance, Huiha Esoyatre has been involved in four wars with the Imperium as the Alliance has resisted Imperial expansion into the Lymethius subsector.

E'kho Hleahayaou dominates the polity from their capital of Hyufteirleryeweiwiy (tr. "the place where the people meet by the swirling spire") in the crater Yuwaol ("great basin") in the northern hemisphere of Yuwe (0408). From this, their ancestral seat, E'kho Hleahayaou has been the most senior family within the Esoyatre Clan for most of the last 700 years. The current Hleahayaouko is Tlehiui V (born 1030), a venerable leader who is still fit and active, having guided the Huiha for over fifty years.

Clan Esoyatre leads an alliance of eight clans. The other seven vassal clans that make up the alliance are: Huiha Uahwil, Huiha Aiaihfa, Huiha Hwouwoahiw, Huiha I'iyheas, Huiha Eakteaei, Huiha Awuahra, and Huiha Htualraluikh. Of the five systems that form the hasoi of Huiha Esoyatre only Yuakteisye has anything like a breathable atmosphere and it is on this world that the bulk of the population of the Huiha are concentrated.

The following table shows the relationships of the various E'khos that make up the member Huihas of Huiha Esoyatre. It also shows the number of E'kho members, vassals and retainers that are contributed to the armed forces of the Huihas, and who crew the Huiha fleets and form the Trekhyair – “land protector” clan military force:

Yuwe:Huiha EsoyatrePersonnel
E'kho Hleahayaou(45,000)(15,000)(30,000)
E'kho Eahikh(15,000)(5,000)(10,000)
E'kho Oukeihtoi(7000)(2,300)(4,700)
E'kho Steiai(3000)(1,000)(2,000)
Yuakteisye:Huiha Esoyatre
E'kho Hleahayaou(25,000)(8,300)(16,700)
E'kho Eahikh(9,900)(3,300)(6,600)
E'kho Oukeihtoi(4,700)(1,500)(3,200)
E'kho Steiai(854,000)(284,500)(569,500)
Huiha Uahwil
E'kho Oakhwohkal(1,205,000)(401,500)(803,500)
E'kho Tliyuftea(992,000)(330,500)(661,500)
E'kho Iysutreah(907,000)(302,300)(604,700)
E'kho Suhliy(825,000)(275,000)(550,000)
E'kho Ahwao(673,000)(224,300)(448,700)
E'kho Seyu(258,000)(86,000)(172,000)
E'kho Htuayur(171,000)(57,000)(114,000)
E'kho Eawaeirl(127,000)(42,300)(84,700)
Huiha Aiaihfa
E'kho Eahei(339,000)(113,000)(226,000)
E'kho Orakhtoi(609,000)(203,000)(406,000)
E'kho Hiaui(515,000)(171,600)(343,400)
E'kho Kawyahlyu(495,000)(165,000)(330,000)
E'kho Auakhah(223,400)(74,500)(148,900)
E'kho Hfosaa(159,000)(53,000)(106,000)
E'kho Oiyas(98,000)(32,500)(65,500)
Atlasiykh:E'kho Hraktiskear(4000)(1,300)(2,700)
Faiwawhwe:Huiha Esoyatre
E'kho Hleahayaou(84,000)(28,000)(56,000)
E'kho Eahikh(79,400)(26,500)(52,900)
E'kho Oukeihtoi(74,200)(24,700)(49,500)
E'kho Steiai(72,200)(24,000)(48,200)
Huiha Uahwil
E'kho Oakhwohkal(52,000)(17,400)(34,600)
E'kho Tliyuftea(45,500)(15,100)(30,400)
E'kho Suhliy(44,400)(14,800)(29,600)
E'kho Ahwao(42,000)(14,000)(28,000)
E'kho Seyu(38,000)(12,500)(25,500)
E'kho Htuayur(37,200)(12,400)(24,800)
E'kho Eawaeirl(35,000)(11,600)(23,400)
Huiha Aiaihfa
E'kho Eahei(59,000)(19,500)(39,500)
E'kho Orakhtoi(57,000)(19,000)(38,000)
E'kho Hiaui(35,000)(11,600)(23,400)
E'kho Kawyahlyu(34,500)(11,500)(23,000)
E'kho Auakhah(33,700)(11,200)(22,500)
E'kho Hfosaa(30,000)(10,000)(20,000)
E'kho Oiyas(29,000)(9,600)(19,400)
Huiha Hwouwoahiw
E'kho Yukheaiw(94,500)(31,500)(63,000)
E'kho Aewi(86,200)(28,700)(57,500)
E'kho Htoioua(74,700)(24,900)(49,800)
E'kho Fihoilreil(74,300)(24,700)(49,600)
E'kho Ewoheah(73,700)(24,500)(49,200)
E'kho Oisehwih(73,200)(24,400)(48,800)
E'kho Weoiyah(69,300)(23,100)(46,200)
Huiha I'iyheas
E'kho Ahoaolr(107,000)(35,700)(71,300)
E'kho Yesiwarl(82,000)(27,300)(54,700)
E'kho Ouhkyu(76,200)(25,400)(50,800)
E'kho Iysealeah(74,000)(24,600)(49,400)
E'kho Eaaiy(64,700)(21,500)(43,200)
E'kho Ktelriykhoi(63,000)(21,000)(42,000)
E'kho Iywaifaur(62,100)(20,700)(41,400)
E'kho Eoahfi(61,500)(20,500)(41,000)
Huiha Eakteaei
E'kho Aoia(121,000)(40,300)(80,700)
E'kho Khtoahar(96,700)(32,200)(64,500)
E'kho Hwourlii(94,500)(31,500)(63,000)
E'kho Ketreh(84,200)(28,000)(56,200)
E'kho Kheoua(82,000)(27,300)(54,700)
E'kho Sahuirea(80,100)(26,700)(53,400)
E'kho Yoleaiy(79,000)(26,300)(52,700)
Huiha Awuahra
E'kho Aaih(97,200)(32,400)(64,800)
E'kho Hlyeseaas(85,100)(28,300)(56,800)
E'kho Aaolruiw(83,000)(27,600)(55,400)
E'kho Uiai(73,700)(24,500)(49,200)
E'kho Eaui'alr(73,000)(24,300)(48,700)
E'kho Roiftealroi(72,900)(24,300)(48,600)
E'kho Khtakhafah(70,100)(23,300)(46,800)
E'kho Fteawalei'(69,000)(23,000)(46,000)
Huiha Htualraluikh
E'kho Earla(104,000)(34,600)(69,400)
E'kho Ftyuhrolyel(83,400)(27,800)(55,600)
E'kho Taaooul(81,100)(27,000)(54,100)
E'kho Iylraoa(71,200)(23,700)(47,500)
E'kho Oulelye(70,000)(23,300)(46,700)
E'kho Fteasoih(69,300)(23,100)(46,200)
E'kho Kyekhealryo(68,000)(22,600)(45,400)
E'kho Oilreaweh(53,000)(17,600)(35,400)
Yaitlaorail:E'kho Hroukhteftai(4100)(1,300)(2,800)

Aslan khoiaya (armour)
A half-hryo (squadron)

Saturday, 30 August 2014

House Asheranon, Siridar-Barons of Exxilon Part 2

I had quite a bit of fun working up a family tree for House Asheranon of Bromus.

From my existing family trees, I knew that I had to link in a Morwen, who married Piero of Bromus; and a Bessl who married Duke of Li'iatan II of Miazan.

Aryon hault-Asheranon served on Duke Chi'leur I of Miazan's staff for over twenty years following the establishment of Miazan Subsector. When the planning began to open Exxilon up for colonization, Aryon and his son, Clyn, and daughter, Morwen, were heavily involved in fitting out the expedition. It was during the reign of Chi'leur's son, Duke Mah'radys I, and following the death of Aryon hault-Asheranon, that the settlement of Exxilon began, and Mah'radys I raised House Asheranon to House Major status by confirming them as Siridar-Barons of Exxilon.

Exxilon lies within the County of Bromus, and even though Morwen hault-Asheranon married Piero Mahuran, grandson of Count Sakkan I of Bromus, relations between House Asheranon of Exxilon and House Mahuran of Bromus, their feudal overlords, remain strained.

So, we already know that:
House Asheranon are Siridar-Barons of Exxilon. House Asheranon practice Absolute Primogeniture. The eldest child inherits, irrespective of sex. The current head of the Household is Padarn II, who is also the Patriarch of House Asheranon. House Asheranon's Influence is Scant (2).

Now, this is interesting. House Asheranon's Influence is described as Scant, yet they have married into both House Mahuran, Siridar-Counts of Bromus, and House Geyukthi, Dukes of Miazan.

Looking more closely at this situation, I see that Piero Mahuran, husband of Morwen hault-Asheranon and grandson of Siridar-Count Sakkan I (872 - 990) of Bromus, predeceased both his father, Oscaran, by 13 years, and his grandfather by seven years, and so never inherited the County. Count Sakkan I, as patriarch of House Mahuran, took charge of Piero and Morwen's children upon Piero's death, and Morwen may have retired to their estate or, more likely, returned to Exxilon.

Just over 100 years later, Bessl hault-Asheranon, sister of Aryon III, Fifth Siridar-Baron Exxilon, married Duke Li'iatan II. Bessl married into a Ducal House on the decline. Devastated by losses incurred during the 3rd Outrim War, and politically outmaneuvered by the Houses Major, House Geyukthi had been reduced, losing the Honour of the Sector Duchy along the way. Bessl worked tirelessly with Li'iatan over the course of his forty-year reign to turn the fortunes of the House, and the subsector, around, only to have much of what they worked for destroyed by the 4th Outrim War of 1080 - 85. As Dowager-Duchess, Bessl continued her work after Li'iatan's death, assisting her son Mah'radys IV, and assisted by Li'iatan's fifth-cousin Admiral Chi'leur Geyukthi, Baron of Culvenia (an estate on Miazan).

In both cases, the members of House Asheranon who married into the more powerful, external Houses, became subsumed by that House's aims and goals and so the alliance did little to benefit House Asheranon.

House Asheranon posses Modest Holdings, generating Cr700,000 for the family per annum. This is in addition to Siridar-Baron Padarn II's personal Holdings.

While not poor, House Asheranon is not a wealthy House. Its holdings are, of course, separate from such wealth as Siridar-Baron Padarn II has managed to amass for his immediate family.

House Asheranon is a large family with 16 directly related members.

There are sixteen members of House Asheranon alive at present. Alongside the senior and junior branches of the House, Houses Minor hault-Resswhen of Exxilon and van Sabor-Mehlan of Miazan also play prominent roles in Exxilon society.

A member of House Asheranon participated in a duel, and lost.

This person was Aryon, eldest son and heir of Padarn II. Aryon has been sent over the Imperial Border as a member of an Exxilonian Trade delegation to the Outrim, until such time as the political dust settles.

Boost local defenses in the Exxilon system by acquiring an SDB flotilla is the current goal of House Asheranon.

Due to its location on the Imperial Border, House Asheranon and the Exxilon Government are very conscious of political currents in the Outrim. With the heightening of tensions due to the imminent withdrawal of Imperial forces from the Kalar-Wi system, and the resurgence of central government power within the Geithurian Republic, House Asheranon has been looking to the defenses of the Exxilon system.

House Asheranon supports an unregistered Mercenary Company.

This Company has been hired out to the Kalar-Wi government of Gaidon to help suppress an uprising by the Kiang, natives of that planet.

I'm quite pleased how the Noble House Character Quirks worked out. They seem to provide a rapid way of expanding Noble Houses from a series of stats to full blown characters in their own right.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

House Asheranon, Siridar-Barons of Exxilon

Exxilon is one of the four systems that make up the County of Bromus in Miazan Subsector. While developing the County, I decided that House Asheranon were Siridar-Barons of Exxilon but, apart from this fact and that relations were cool between House Mahuran of Bromus and their feudal subordinates, I had no further information.

Deciding to develop House Asheranon, I elected to try out some ideas I had developed for fleshing out Noble Houses. These ideas have are also been added to the end of another article on Nobles on this page.

Exxilon has a Universal Planetary Profile (UPP) of:
C-AA5899-9. This means that the planet has a C Class Starport - Standard Repair facilities, unrefined fuel available, but no Ship construction - is 10,000 miles in diameter, has an Exotic Atmosphere and is 50% covered by water. In Exxilon's case, the Exotic atmosphere means that the oceans are classified as "Fluid" - not standard H2O. The population numbers in the 100's of millions and is ruled by an Impersonal Bureaucracy. The Law Level of 9 indicates a fair amount of interference in the citizens' day-to-day lives and that no weapons may be carried outside of one's home. Overall, the planet has a Technology Level of 9 - 1990's to 2000, so cell phones are big and blocky. A Scout Base is also present in system.

"Exxilon is a large, high gravity world, colonised in 969, just after the 2nd Outrim War. It was used as a dumping ground for displaced populations during the late war. House Asheranon was installed as Siridar-Barons of Exxilon by Duke Mah'radys I of Miazan, and soon gained a reputation for their hard, yet indifferent rule, insulating themselves from their subjects behind an oppressive Law Level and and Impersonal Bureaucracy. While the bulk of the population of half a billion live in a string of cities, high up in the mountains of the small continent of Parishnaman, House Asheranon and its retainers are based on a large, geostationary satellite. It is rare for a member of the Household to "go down the well".

The relationship between House Asheranon and their feudal overlords, House Mahuran of Bromus, are cordial yet cool. The installation of House Asheranon by House Geyukthi within House Mahuran's County was both a calculated insult and an assertion of authority by Mah'radys I, the 2nd Duke of Miazan. Count Sakkan I of Bromus may have won that argument, in the end, as he outlived both Mah'radys I and Chi'leur II, his son."
 With the planetary information, and the existing material quoted below, I set to work to flesh out House Asheranon.

Working through my check list, I determined the following about House Asheranon:
House Rank
House Asheranon are Siridar-Barons. They rule Exxilon/Miazan and the Exxilon system.

Head of the Household
House Asheranon practice Absolute Primogeniture. The eldest child inherits, irrespective of sex. The current head of the Household is Padarn II. Padarn II is also the Patriarch of House Asheranon. Padarn II is Old and Cunning.

Prior Service of the Title Holder
Padarn II served as a Colonel in the Baronial Household Force of Exxilon - a TL12 elite formation - under his father, Aryon III.

Moral Stance of the House
House Asheranon is Law abiding.

House Asheranon's Influence is Scant (2).

House Asheranon posses Modest Holdings, generating Cr700,000 for the family per annum. This is in addition to Siridar-Baron Padarn II's personal Holdings.

House Size
House Asheranon is a large family with 16 directly related members.

Recent House Activity
A member of House Asheranon participated in a duel, and lost. This person was Aryon, eldest son and heir of Padarn II. Aryon has been sent over the Imperial Border as a member of an Exxilonian Trade delegation to the Outrim, until such time as the political dust settles.

Current House Goal
Boost local defenses in the Exxilon system by acquiring an SDB flotilla.

House Scandal
House Asheranon supports an unregistered Mercenary Company. This Company has been hired out to the Kalar-Wi government of Gaidon to help suppress an uprising by the Kiang, natives of that planet.

I'm quite pleased with how House Asheranon came out. From next to no information beyond the family name, and a hint of a possible conflict where the Subsector Duke had imposed the Asheranon's on a world within the County of Bromus, we have discovered a lot about the family itself.

While House Asheranon is not particularly wealthy, and has little influence on the Subsector stage, they are firmly entrenched in the Exxilon System. The Patriarch of the family, Padarn II, has been Siridar-Baron since the death of his father, Aryon III, in 1085. His extended family consists of sixteen members, most of whom hold senior positions within the governing bureaucracy of the planet.

While generally law-abiding, House Asheranon maintains an unregistered Mercenary Company in direct violation of Imperial Law. Raised during the 4th Outrim War to support the defenses of Exxilon, House Asheranon retained the unit in being after the war. Currently, the unit is under hire to the Kalar-Wi government of Gaidon. House Asheranon is concerned about the exposed position of the Exxilon system and aims to raise a System Defense Boat Flotilla to strengthen their defenses.

Padarn II's eldest son, Aryon, has proved to be a bit of a disappointment. A Captain in the Unified Imperial Army, Aryon became involved in a duel with another young officer. Before Aryon could be cashiered, his father Padarn managed to have him assigned to lead an Exxilonian trade mission into the Outrim.

I just have to finish laying out a diagram of the Family Tree, and House Asheranon will be ready for use.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Fun with Family Trees #5

This is a history of Miazan Subsector from the perspective of House Mahuran, Siridar-Counts of Bromus. It draws upon elements I developed during 2013 as I looked at family trees and ties in to the current adventures of players in my Traveller campaign.

The Duchy of Miazan was established by Order in Council under the seal of Sector Duke Leonid I Trumer on 093-906. This is the same date as the official accession of House Trumer as Sector Dukes of the RimWorlds and represents one of the first official acts of Sector Duke Leonid's reign. It is also the date of the establishment of the County of Bromus, set up to protect the Coreward/Spimward frontier of Miazan Subsector.

Sector Duke Leonid I Trumer had begun his campaign to reunite the RimWorlds several years prior to the official inaugural date of his reign. The establishment of Miazan Subsector as a Duchy marked a major expansion Rimward by the Sector Duchy, pushing the Imperial frontier beyond the existing Miazan Subsector Military District centered around Celephais. It was an indication that the new regime intended to drive a wedge between the Spinward states of the Outrim Alliance and the Rimward polities of the Rimward Coalition, and bring order and stable government to a fairly lawless region.

Chi'leur I Geyukthi, 1st Duke of Miazan, had served as an aide de camp to Sector Duke Leonid I during his initial campaigns, and as Leonid's son-in-law and supporter, he was considered a safe pair of hands to secure and hold the new frontier subsector. To Sakkan Mahuran, Chi'leur's Fleet Admiral, fell the task of defending the Spinward frontier at Bromus and Exxilon, as Siridar-Count of Bromus, and securing the Coreward communication lines from the Rimward Counties of Miazan and Nakaya.

Sakkan I proved very tenacious in his duties. 118 years old when he died, Sakkan outlived his eldest son, Anton, and his grandson, Piero. Both Oscaran, Sakkan's second son, and Susannah, his daughter, served as Fleet Admirals in the Miazan Subsector Navy during the 2nd Outrim War (954-962).

Remaining active and in good health well into the teens of his second century, it was later rumoured that Sakkan I had discovered a secret stash of anagathics in an ancient ruined Purvion base located either on the House Mahuran estate on Bromus, or on one of Bromus' three small moons. As none of his descendants lived to such an advanced age, it was assumed that the secret of this stash was lost when Sakkan eventually died.

Sakkan II, Sakkan I's great-grandson, became 2nd Siridar-Count of Bromus in 990. In 999 Sakkan's immediate overlord, Duke Mah'dainraian I of Miazan became Sector Duke of the RimWorlds. This elevation seemed to raise House Mahuran's political stock as well as Sakkan II's daughter Susan subsequently married Edenar Ulanor, later Duke Edenar I of Nolgor. On the surface, this marriage appeared to draw House Ulanor into the orbit of House Geyukthi of Miazan through an alliance with an important client but, if this was the intention, it failed. Edenar I was only Duke of Nolgor from 1042 - 1044, but it was the anti-Geyukthi ground work carried out by Feodorus X, his father, and more importantly by his son, Olgarthi Ulanor, that resulted in the fall of the badly weakened Sehlemarl-Geyukthi Sector Dukes in the aftermath of the Rimbaud War in 1044 and the ascension of Olgarthi Ulanor as Duke of Nolgor and Sector Duke of the RimWorlds.

Count Giovhanhi II Mahuran of Bromus came of age during a period of great change in both the RimWorlds and in Miazan Subsector. Born in 1017, and inheriting the family title of Lord Sherck, he became 4th Siridar-Count of Bromus in 1041. His sister Stefani married Pahran Juharl-Zarquestuir who became Duke of Gamelea in 1065, while his second sister, Elemyl, married Mah'radys Geyukthi who became Duke Mah'radys IV of Miazan in 1085.

The 3rd Outrim War broke out in 1025 and House Mahuran weathered the initial assaults by Nutharal forces pushing across the Imperial frontier from Cabria Subsector into the County. Young Giovhanhi joined the Planetary Navy as a Midshipman in 1033 and saw action both in Bromus low orbit, and around Sertan VIII, the system gas giant.

Following disastrous Imperial losses in 1030 and 1031, and the deaths in combat of three House Geyukthi Sector Dukes in quick succession, Sector Duke Yuri Sehlemarl's strategy was to reinforce the fortress worlds in the frontier subsectors and suck the Outrim forces into a series of sieges that would bleed their fleets white. By the time his strategy succeeded and peace was signed in 1038, Giovhanhi's father, Count Giovhanhi I, was ailing and the younger Giovhanhi was finding himself more and more involved in the running of the Bromus planetary government. When war broke out in 1025, Giovhanhi I had suspended the Bromosian civil government and declared a state of emergency. With the end of the war in 1038 and the beginning of a massive rebuilding project, the populace of Bromus voted overwhelmingly for the continuation of the emergency government under House Mahuran with Count Giovhanhi I as Head of State and his son, Lord Giovhanhi of Sherck, as First Minister.

The cessation of war did not automatically mean peace. During the course of the 3rd Outrim War, the Rivokul War had seen the extermination of House Rivokul of Kamperel, the family of Giovhanhi II's grandmother, Eschen. The Republican government that replaced House Rivokul swiftly fell under the influence of Torvor Van Zaquerl, who methodically shot all opposition to his rule as First Consul of the People's Republic of Kamperel. With House Geyukthi of Miazan crippled (four Dukes and three generations of the senior line perished during the 3rd Outrim War, along side various cousins and other relatives), House Rivokul of Kamperel extinct, and House Sehlemarl-Geyukthi of Celephais diverted by their attempts to hold on to the Sector Duchy, it fell to House Mahural to attempt to contain the Van Zaquerl clan of Kamperel even as they sought to secure the Ektra and Floranna systems of the County of Kamperel for themselves.

Count Giovhanhi II spent most of the rest of his life locked in a Grey War with Torvor Van Zaquerl of Kamperel. It was only with the accession of his demi-cousin, Li'iatain Geyukthi, as Duke Li'iatan II of Miazan in 1044 that the full force of the Duchy was brought to bear against the recalcitrant Siridar-Barony of Kamperel. Even then, politics intruded as the new Sector Duke, Olgarthi Ulanor of Nolgor, Giovhanhi's cousin, sought to secure his advantage in the feud between House Ulanor and House Sethlemarl-Geyukthi by hamstringing House Geyukthi's efforts to bring the Van Zaquel's to heel. Starved of resources, and with its best units and service personnel drafted to Sector Fleet, Miazan Subsector Fleet lacked the strength to deliver the Kamperelians a knock-out blow.

Sector Duke Olgarthi died in 1050 and the feud died with him. The following year, the Ektrans rose up against Kamperelian Merchant Factors attempting to buy their government. The Kamperelians retaliated and, much to Giovhanhi's despair, seized Ektra with overwhelming force. For the next thirty years Count Giovhanhi fought to contain the Kamperelians, and to keep the peace along the Imperial Spinward/Rimward border.

The 4th Outrim War broke out in 1080 and, while most the fighting took place along the Spinward border of Gamelea Subsector, Miazan Subsector saw its share of conflict. Left out of the loop regarding the elaborate warplan developed by Siridar-Lord Elmar Hendrian for Sector Duke Kanus II, which was designed to cripple the Geithurian Republic and break up the Outrim Alliance, the local commanders in Miazan Subsector battled on the best they could. In the midst of the struggle, the Kamperelians swooped on Floranna and could not be dislodged. At war's end in 1085, the task of rebuilding began again.

In 1087, worn out and disillusioned, Count Giovhanhi II died. He was succeeded by his son, Sakkan III, who had seen his father slowly worn down over forty years of difficult service. Sakkan retained House Mahuran's active role in the Bromosian government, serving as both Head of State and First Minister, but his natural reserve and shyness distanced him from his people. Sakkan's insistence that a company of Vargr from the settlement on Lo Taisang be included within his honour guard, to the discomfort of his more xenophobic subjects, acted to further isolate him and it was into this political breach that his Interior Minister, Phorgan saVasparan, began to thrust himself.