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A General Glossary of Terms

Crarachan - a goat-like grazer able to survive the sulphur-laden atmosphere of Por'via/Lymethius.

Crimson Road - a semi-coordinated series of interconnecting short haul passenger-carrying freighters that enables certain people to drop off the Imperial radar as they move around Imperial Space.

Fauxmouse - pl. fauxmice. Genetically modified form of the common Terran rodent, Mus musculus, the fauxmouse is capable of understanding and obeying a number of limited commands. Popular as pets, especially in confined living conditions, their enhanced digestive system produces less offensive excreta than their unmodified cousins, and retarded incisor growth reduces their inclination in gnaw.

Irrijari - sing. irrijar. A particularly fast, nasty and vicious species of predator. Planet of origin is unknown.

Jumpball - A ball game played between two teams of players and popular across the Rimward subsectors of the RimWorlds. While there are superficial rules differences between various leagues, the Kamperelian and Miazan Code is most popular amongst holovid fans for its speed of play.

Jump Zone – A controlled area of space specifically assigned for starships to transit to and from Jump Space. By convention, in-bound starships transit through the system zenith while out-bound starships transit through the system nadir, thus reducing the possibility of encountering hazards orbiting the parent star along the plane of the ecliptic.

Primeday - Main Shift. Work time on starships is usually measured in two shifts; Primeday or main shift; and Seconday or secondary shift. Transitions to and from Jump, and docking, undocking, landing and take-off are usually handled by the Primeday crew on larger ships, with a smaller watch crew handling general maintenance and service duties during Seconday.

Probability Cone - A Scan plotting device that extrapolates a ship's possible future locations from observed heading and acceleration. Also used to calculate firing solutions in ship-to-ship combat. Sometimes referred to as a p-cone, probability cones grow more inaccurate the further the target ship is away from the scanning ship.

Seconday – Second shift. Work time on starships is usually measured in two shifts; Primeday or main shift; and Seconday or secondary shift. The bulk of a starship’s crew are off duty during Seconday, when much of the general maintenance and service work is carried out.

Sunstones - Valuable opal-like gemstones found on Por'via/Lymethius.

T.C. – Traffic Control. Usually refers to the control hub for tracking and routing interplanetary and interstellar traffic through a star system. Ships enter and leave a star system in a Jump Zone – an area of space at least 100 planetary diameters out from the system’s main world. Jump Zones, depending upon the amount of in-bound and out-bound traffic in the system, can be millions of kilometres across.

Xhu - An aromatic herb, native to Celepahis/Miazan, commonly infused with hot water as a calming or relaxing drink.

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