Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Solo Games and Tokens

After a bit of a hiatus, during which I continued to plug away at my 6mm Traveller project (as recorded on my modelling log and here), I got inspired to collect all the write-ups I had done for my solo Traveller game into one place. Aloin's Saga - the Collected Sessions, is now a Library Data page on this blog. Another inspiration is the Alea Iactanda est blog where Alea Iactanda est has been running a solo Traveller game called "Star Trader". Once I started looking around a bit, I found another solo game, Voyages of the Blue Pelican, which appears to be in development, but in an interesting part of space.

Just recently we've started back in with the latest couple of sessions of my Tunnels of Tonivar game, set in the RimWorlds. During the second session a situation arose where it was easier to map out the encounter than try to describe it and keep it all straight in everyone's heads.

As we were playing at Chris' house, he broke out some figures to stand in for the various characters. This all worked well and the encounter was resolved successfully, but I was slightly disappointed that we didn't have some science fiction figures to use. It does cause a little break in the the suspension of disbelief if the Aslan in the party is represented by a Frost Giant.

Traveller Adventurers, ready for anything
While I love my 15mm Science Fiction figures, and have painted a couple of hundred over the last few years, we're all getting a little older and picking out individual characters at standard wargames distance has got that much more difficult. I do happen to have a bunch of 25mm - 28mm scale science fiction figures I had picked up over the years in a box - one of a number of projects started and put aside over the years - so I hunted them out and had a look at them.

In this first batch we see (Left to Right): A Kalar-Wi in Combat Armour (Denizen Miniatures Ventauran); Female Adventurer (Pilot, Agent, Merchant - I don't recall the manufacturer Edit: turns out she's from Denizen Miniatures as well); Female ex-Marine in Combat Armour (don't recall the manufacturer Edit: Spacelords figure, now produced by eM4); Male Adventurer in Combat Armour (possibly Denizen Miniatures Federation Edit: can confirm that this figure is from Denizen's Federation range); Male Adventurer (Pilot, Agent, Merchant, Enforcer - Grenadier Cyberpunk miniature).

There are some very nice figures in that collection - from various companies active in the 1980's and 1990's - and so I pulled out a dozen to paint up, while ordering some extras in from overseas. As I was doing this, the New Zealand economy took a major hit and the dollar dropped in the toilet against such currencies as the US dollar, the UK pound and the Zanzibar shekel - so no more new toys for me for a while.