Monday, 21 February 2011

Field Manual

Field Manual CoverI had barely emailed off the last of the proofs for Field Manual - that proofing job that has basically eaten a month - when John at Spica had the book up on DrivethruRPG and, I believe, at LuLu.

There's an anouncement at the Spice Publishing site.

It's hard to review something I've been working very closely with (and I haven't seen the final product yet), but Bryan and Dan have laid out a rich background, sketched out an adventure scenario, and basically said, "Go for it". This is the type of scenario I like, and close to the way I run my own games - let the players loose, but know the landscape well enough that they can't catch you out or leave you flat-footed.

Well worth a look, if your players like more military styled games.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Egad! Zhodani!

25mm Ventaurans by Denizen Miniatures

It's my birthday today, I'm four pages from the end of a massive edit job I've been doing for Spica Publishing, I have the day off and the weather is beautiful, and Tony from
Eureka Miniatures has just emailed me to see if I'm still interested in the 15mm versions of the Ventaurans that have been in the Eureka Miniatures' 300 Club since 2007!

It would appear that there has finally been sufficient interest, and sufficient people, that Eureka is looking at possibly getting Mike Broadbent to sculpt 15mm versions of the Denizen 25mm figures. Fantastic!

From what Tony says in his email, it would appear that the helmeted figures are a definate "go". I, personally, would like the helmetless figure as an officer as well. No word on the droids, so perhaps these are not the droids we are looking for.

If the Ventaurans look like the sort of armoured trooper you've been waiting for, I would suggest getting over to the Eureka site and pre-ordering some to help ensure they get into production.