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The 5th Outrim War: Auru

A quick look at Auru/Lymethius, the site of the opening moves of the 5th Outrim War.


C-477342-B S 725 Ni/Lo NA F9V

System Primary: Binde F9V

Binde V - local name Auru

Three small moons, Disar - 768 miles in diameter; Amoloth - 528 miles in diameter; Kheal - 72 miles in diameter

C Class Port - Routine Quality Installation

Diameter: 4000 miles (6437.4 kilometers)

Atmosphere: Standard (Tainted - respirators required in coastal areas during spring when kelpweed blooms, and in late autumn when previous season's growth dies off)

Hydrographics: 70%

Population: 3 (7300)

Government: 4 (Representative Democracy)

Law Level: 2 (Portable Energy Weapons Prohibited)

Technology Level: B (Average Imperial)

Scout Base present (at Auru Downport)

Population Modifier: 7; Planetoid Belts in System: 2; Gas Giants in System: 5

Nearest Gas Giant to Auru - Binde VII

Trade Classification: Non-Industrial/Low Population

Allegiance: Non-Aligned

Auru/Lymethius - planetary map made in Donjon SciFi World Generator
As can been seen from the map, there are three main settlements south of the Joolian Mountains - Auru Down (site of the C Class Downport and a small Scout Base), Karas and Balshibar - that date back to the colonization of Auru in 1007. During the subsequent century, a number of smaller settlements and hamlets have been established along the southern coast and across the plain north of Auru Down. Settlements further inland, and at higher altitudes, suffer less from the annual bloom and die-off cycles of kelpweed - a large and prolific aquatic filter-feeder plant species.

In the last five years, the Geithurian Republic has established three small enclaves in the northern hemisphere - Shtad at Leena Bay, Iavlej, and the mining settlement of Chiebr.

The Auruis - as the local inhabitants now call themselves - remain Imperial in outlook, even though they feel that they have been abandoned by the Imperium. For the last 70 years, they have felt under pressure of annexation from both the Geithurian Republic and the Huiha Esoyatre. Occupied by the Outrim Alliance during the 4th Outrim War of 1080 - 85, many older Auruis have bitter memories of that time.

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