Saturday, 17 July 2010

Accidents in Astrogation: Gazul Subsector #2

NSL Light Cruiser from Ground Zero Games
Gazul Subsector is an artificial construct. The bulk of the subsector’s Imperial population dwells in a system midway between the two political hubs of Dokar in the Dokar Main and Gazul in the Gazul Run. The political astuteness of House Hikisaku brought Gazul Subsector into existence and House Crensea has maintained it for the last three centuries as an independent Imperial political division, not just as a frontier zone of Nolgor Subsector. During this period, two Gazul Subsector Dukes wore the Sector Ducal coronet and Gazuli Naval units defended both their own Rimward frontier as well as the Spinward frontier in Miazan and Gamelea Subsectors in various border wars, which, considering that the bulk of the Gazul Subsector Navy operates with Tech Level 11 or 12 equipment, is no small achievement.

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