Monday, 31 January 2011

Design Notes and Digressions

 'Breaking Orbit' - a piece of inspirational artwork I found when searching for the Australian band of the same nameI am not a big fan of empty drum blogging - the sort where the blogger commits himself to x number of posts in y time and then proceeds to burn bytes by telling his followers that he actually has nothing to post about.

My plans to continue with the history of my Traveller Universe, the RimWorlds, became slightly derailed this month when I took on a proof-reading job for Spica Publishing. The manuscript, while good, requires a lot more work than first anticipated and this has been eating most of my evenings. The end is, however, in sight - possibly much to the relief of John at Spica who had hoped to get the book out fairly soonish.

Once the book is done and dusted, I should be free to continue with the History of the RimWorlds, plus have another review to post. So, an empty drum post this time, but substance to come.

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