Monday, 21 February 2011

Field Manual

Field Manual CoverI had barely emailed off the last of the proofs for Field Manual - that proofing job that has basically eaten a month - when John at Spica had the book up on DrivethruRPG and, I believe, at LuLu.

There's an anouncement at the Spice Publishing site.

It's hard to review something I've been working very closely with (and I haven't seen the final product yet), but Bryan and Dan have laid out a rich background, sketched out an adventure scenario, and basically said, "Go for it". This is the type of scenario I like, and close to the way I run my own games - let the players loose, but know the landscape well enough that they can't catch you out or leave you flat-footed.

Well worth a look, if your players like more military styled games.


  1. Can you explain how it differs (and hopefully improves!) on MGT Mercenary?

  2. Field Manual looks at how various mercenary units might be organised, how they would tend to work towards the strengths they possess amongst their personnel, and how they might operate in the field.

    Several different types of mercenary unit are examined - discussing their specialities, their unit history, and their equipment.

    The detailed Foreven subsector, and the planet that the scenario is set upon, provide a backdrop for a game to be run from the get-go.

    Field Manual, itself, is system neutral and while it is assumed that the players will use Mongoose Traveller and Mercenary to generate characters, this is not a requirement.

    Hope this helps.