Monday, 21 February 2011

Field Manual

Field Manual CoverI had barely emailed off the last of the proofs for Field Manual - that proofing job that has basically eaten a month - when John at Spica had the book up on DrivethruRPG and, I believe, at LuLu.

There's an anouncement at the Spice Publishing site.

It's hard to review something I've been working very closely with (and I haven't seen the final product yet), but Bryan and Dan have laid out a rich background, sketched out an adventure scenario, and basically said, "Go for it". This is the type of scenario I like, and close to the way I run my own games - let the players loose, but know the landscape well enough that they can't catch you out or leave you flat-footed.

Well worth a look, if your players like more military styled games.