Saturday, 16 April 2011

AE: Bounty

Cover of AE: Bounty - used without permissionAE: Bounty
by Matthew Hope
Darkson Designs

One of the Bloggers whose blog I follow recently purchased AE: Bounty. He was still in the process of reading the rules and hasn't commented further.

As I was also looking for some skirmish rules, I decided to order a copy for myself. I sourced my copy from The Book Depository in the UK - delivery time to New Zealand was 12 days and postage was free.

So, a nice 98 page, A5, softback book, nicely presented. I am finding the small print and grey/burgundy page background a little difficult to read under artificial light, though. At the moment, I'm still wading through the game background, though I did have a quick flick through the rules mechanics earlier. The basics seem relatively simple, with a series Abilities, and a choice of weapons options, to modify the basic characters.

I'm quite looking forward to playing this, so I hope to report back with an update in a couple of weeks.

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  1. I picked these up over the summer, err, last summer and have really enjoyed them although we've yet to actually play a game with them! The crew composition rules really stand out to me and are pretty cool.