Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas War – Off with his head!

The Harook from Mad Robot Miniatures are undercoated and ready for their transformation into Rimbaur; I have ten Ventaurans from Eureka Miniatures painted up already as Kalar-Wi; and I’m thinking that the Kalar-Wi might also deploy some of their Kiang allies, for which I will use Rebel Miniatures Kurgan.

This evening I successfully completed my first head-swap as I converted a Ventauran trooper into Inspector-Lieutenant Adra’kal Dreseka.

It was rather easy to remove the Ventauran’s head and then I drilled a small pilot hole where his neck would have been. Widening the hole, the neck plug for one of the pointy-eared heads I bought from Astro Miniatures just dropped straight in. Easy peasy.

I bowled the base of the Ventauran’s head/helmet and glued it to the figure’s waist, so Dreseka has his helmet hooked to his belt. Nice, simple conversion, and it looks really good.

Painting day tomorrow - I hope!