Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Unexpected Gravity Well Causes Jump Percipitation

October was a productive hobby month - both for figure painting and for thinking and writing about Traveller.

November - not so much.

Like a gathering storm cloud, the long running installation at work has been looming over me. From the beginning of November, the pace suddenly increased - and we began to understand just how half-assed the planning had been. Consequently, I'm feeling a tad over-whelmed/jaded and very uncreative.

Good stuff. Have had a couple of little figure orders arrive and a couple on the way. Also, Flynn, over at In Like Flynn, has embarked on a bit of Traveller Sector development which has been fascinating, and sanity-preserving, reading. I'm torn between stealing his ideas and filing the serial numbers off, or attempting to recast them to fit my needs for the development of Gazolan Subsector, and the other Coreward Subsectors. Also, again, I've just become the proud owner of a Samsung Tablet - I see it as a rule-book holding device that will allow me to take stuff with me to read while I'm waiting for files to transcode.

So ... the Good Stuff just about outweighs the Bad Stuff.

Oh, and The Hobbit premiers this week - another good thing. I wish Jed Brophy, and all the rest, all the best for their big day.