Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Website Update #20

Just a quick post to relate that I have just updated my Modeling log and Traveller Library Data.

These colourful chaps to left are Mounted Zonii Warriors, 15mm scale figures from Darkest Star Games. Made of pewter, they are single piece castings, sold unpainted. I have mounted them on fender washers and painted them. And I'm rather pleased as to how they've come out.


  1. I'd completely forgotten about the Cnidarians! You just made me want to grab a pack or two next time I order from Khurasan.

    1. I remember thinking when they came out that they were pretty weird, but there were those pushing for more alien aliens and Khurasan Jon, to give him credit, gave alien aliens a whirl.

      I subsequently heard that they did not sell well as those making the most noise on-line usually don't tend, it appears, put their collective money where their collective mouths are. Anyway, by then I had changed my mind about them and decided to get some.

      I think the Cnidarians work well as character figures and I intend getting a couple more packs so I can make a party for skirmish games/Traveller fire fights, but I don't think they'll be a profit source for Khurasan Miniatures. Which is a bit of a shame as they are lovely little sculpts.

    2. It seems there was a solid year or so where everyone was screaming "WEIRD ALIENS! WEIRD ALIENS!" at the top of their lungs. So a few of the manufacturers obliged... and it's fallen flat. In Khurasan's case, you hardly see any Pelagic Dominate, Moloch, or Vornids compared to Federal Army and Exterminators.

      Even the Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalions, widely praised on their release, doesn't seem to be showing up in anyone's games. Though I have been told that what we see on the blogs and message boards isn't always representative of actual sales... so who knows?