Sunday, 28 April 2013

I wonder if the Player Characters were Involved?

"Tonight on Primeday News - the Travellers' Aide Society issues a Red Zone warning for Bromus/Miazan."

"Day Two of the treason trial of retired Colonel Orscan Geffajal. We cross to our reporter at the Miazan Ducal Court for the latest."

"The Miazan Stockmarket hits a six month high on the back of strong economic data."

"And in Sport, Eifah takes the Desert Hawks four points clear of the field in Round 17 of the Miazan Jumpball League."

"Good evening. This is Channel 27's Primeday News. I'm Hrui'i Oikhteaearl."

"And I'm Marla Drishnau."

"Leitha Hargan, spokesophont for the Miazan Subsector Chapter of the Travellers’ Aide Society, announced today that the Society was posting a temporary Red Zone travel advisory for the Bromus System.

"Ms. Hargan said that the Travellers’ Aide Society had received credible reports indicating that ground fighting had broken out on Bromus around 118-1109. While she refused to speculate as to who was fighting whom, she indicated that Bromus Downport had been damaged during the initial battle and that at least one off-world starship had been destroyed.

"A Scout Courier refuelling at Sertan VIII, the Bromus System gas giant, received a sparse, but updated, news feed from the Star Port Authority C Class facility on Bromus. The insystem SPA news feed announced that one ship, the 400-ton Fortune, Captain Laura MaiCarmel, with a Feor/Gamelea registry, had been badly damaged during heavy fighting within the Starport facility. Another starship, of unknown registry, has been destroyed – believed shot down by a ship, or ships, unknown. The Starport facility, itself, has been heavily damaged.

"At present, we are aware that the two
Dragon Class System Defence Boats, owned by the Bromus planetary government, have withdrawn from outsystem patrols and are believed to have been engaged in combat operations in and around Low Orbit of Bromus. At this time, we are advising all Imperial citizens travelling through the Bromus System to avoid the main world for the time being, until further information is at hand."

“Inquiries for further information regarding the situation on Bromus were referred to the Imperial Navy Office of Public Relations. Late this afternoon, Baroness Elemyl Mahuran, wife of Duke Mah’radys IV of Miazan and aunt to Siridar-Count Sakkan III of Bromus, issued the following statement:"

"We have been advised as to the tragedy currently playing out upon our homeworld of Bromus. We are also advised that, while there has been some fighting in and around the capital city of Hasamton, there has been, to date, little loss of life and that Siridar-Count Sakkan, his family, and the loyal members of his government, are safe and well. While offworld meddling, from a neighbouring polity long known to be inimical to the good governance of the Imperium and its territories, is suspected, it is heartening to know that several captains of interstellar merchant ships have put their ships and crews at the service of our House and reinforced the good efforts of the Bromosian Government to restore peace and tranquillity to Bromus. Great Spirit save the Emperor!"

“To which we whole heartedly concur, ma’am.”

"And after the break, Day Two of retired Colonel Orscan Geffajal's treason trial. Stay with us."


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    1. That's what his defence lawyer says, but he's being paid by the hour.