Monday, 13 May 2013

Website Update #22

After a productive month of puttering around in my lead pile, I've finished painting up some figures and have added pictures to my Website Modeling Log.

Working on TO&Es for the Marine Divisions in the RimWorlds inspired me to complete a couple of Grav Tanks (like the one here) and a Grav APC and a Light Grav Tank for the LAR Battalion. I just need to add some decals and they're complete.

Both the tank and the marine figure are from Ground Zero Games - the tank model weighs 230 grams!


  1. Heavy armour indeed. Loving what you've done with it.

  2. Thanks Dylan. After three years of painters' block on them, I went with a very simple three colour scheme - Green with grey spots on the upper deck, and light green "sky", which seems to have worked quite well. Oh, and a sparkly purple for the grav plates.