Monday, 14 October 2013

200th Post and 50,000 Hits

A couple of mile stones (as "kilometer stones" sounds a little too medical, like kidney stones which, I am told, are no fun at all) have slipped past here on the High Port. Orbital stability was achieved on 13th January 2010 with Post #1. Post #100 occurred on 11th March 2012, and the fourth part of the Fun with Family Trees series of articles, posted on 30th September 2013, was actually Post #200.

As a bonus, and allowing a certain sloppage for bots and Russian porn sites which seem to make up an awful lot of the traffic on the Internet, sometime in the last couple of weeks the 50,000th hit on this blog from a Human occurred.

I'm still surprised that my 2012 A to Z sequence of posts gets regular hits, and another perennial favorite seems to be my post on Languages. The linked Library Data pages on Ships, Languages, Library Data and Height and Weight also attract regular views.

Looking ahead - well, I'm loath to set hard and fast KPI's as I write this blog for fun, and the freedom to chop and change as my interests shift is very valuable to me. When writing becomes a chore, than the quality suffers.

Having said that, I do want to finish the Imperial Marine deployments and the Imperial Army and Planetary Defence units for the rest of the developed subsectors to the level I worked up for Miazan Subsector. I also want to progress development on Gazolan Subsector, as well as look at Imperial and Subsector Navy deployments. I also think that the Height and Weight Table needs some further work done, as I have come across some material that suggests even in Low Gravity, there is a maximum height a human can attain before they need massive cardiopulmonary modification. And I need to gather up all the fragments of Aloin's Saga into one place and carry that story on, as well as work on areas where my players may be considering Adventuring.

Looks like I have at least another 100 posts to make. In that case, all hands to stations and secure for Jump. We're outbound for the Deep Dark again.

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