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Huiha Esoyatre - an Aslan Minor State Part 1

While I haven't written much here, of late, I have been working on a couple of Traveller related projects that tie together.

Looking to be able to game out an escalating ground war between the Outrim Alliance and the Imperium, I have been painting up infantry and armoured units for the main protagonists in 6mm scale. Progress photos are on my modeling log and my gaming blog.

I've also been working on Tables of Organisation for the various factions, extrapolated from the figures I generated for Lymethius Subsector, Gamelea Subsector, and Miazan Subsector, as well as the two articles on the Imperial Marines here and here.

When I came to look at the Aslan of the Huiha Esoyatre, I realized that I needed to take a closer look at the internal political structure of the Huiha. The Aslan are clan and family orientated, and each clan and family maintains their own defense force, recruited from their members and retainers.

Huiha Esoyatre

Huiha Esoyatre is an Aslan polity of five non-Imperial systems in the Lymethius subsector. Consisting of the four systems of the Yuakteisye Cluster (Yuwe, Atlasiykh, Faiwawhwe, and Yuakteisye) as well as the former Kalar-Wi system of Kidan (annexed in 1106 in the aftermath of the Kalar-Wi War and now known as Yaitlaorail), Huiha Esoyatre has a total population of 85.0136 billion sophonts, 99.9% of whom are Aslan. As one of the major polities in the Outrim Alliance, Huiha Esoyatre has been involved in four wars with the Imperium as the Alliance has resisted Imperial expansion into the Lymethius subsector.

E'kho Hleahayaou dominates the polity from their capital of Hyufteirleryeweiwiy (tr. "the place where the people meet by the swirling spire") in the crater Yuwaol ("great basin") in the northern hemisphere of Yuwe (0408). From this, their ancestral seat, E'kho Hleahayaou has been the most senior family within the Esoyatre Clan for most of the last 700 years. The current Hleahayaouko is Tlehiui V (born 1030), a venerable leader who is still fit and active, having guided the Huiha for over fifty years.

Clan Esoyatre leads an alliance of eight clans. The other seven vassal clans that make up the alliance are: Huiha Uahwil, Huiha Aiaihfa, Huiha Hwouwoahiw, Huiha I'iyheas, Huiha Eakteaei, Huiha Awuahra, and Huiha Htualraluikh. Of the five systems that form the hasoi of Huiha Esoyatre only Yuakteisye has anything like a breathable atmosphere and it is on this world that the bulk of the population of the Huiha are concentrated.

The following table shows the relationships of the various E'khos that make up the member Huihas of Huiha Esoyatre. It also shows the number of E'kho members, vassals and retainers that are contributed to the armed forces of the Huihas, and who crew the Huiha fleets and form the Trekhyair – “land protector” clan military force:

Yuwe:Huiha EsoyatrePersonnel
E'kho Hleahayaou(45,000)(15,000)(30,000)
E'kho Eahikh(15,000)(5,000)(10,000)
E'kho Oukeihtoi(7000)(2,300)(4,700)
E'kho Steiai(3000)(1,000)(2,000)
Yuakteisye:Huiha Esoyatre
E'kho Hleahayaou(25,000)(8,300)(16,700)
E'kho Eahikh(9,900)(3,300)(6,600)
E'kho Oukeihtoi(4,700)(1,500)(3,200)
E'kho Steiai(854,000)(284,500)(569,500)
Huiha Uahwil
E'kho Oakhwohkal(1,205,000)(401,500)(803,500)
E'kho Tliyuftea(992,000)(330,500)(661,500)
E'kho Iysutreah(907,000)(302,300)(604,700)
E'kho Suhliy(825,000)(275,000)(550,000)
E'kho Ahwao(673,000)(224,300)(448,700)
E'kho Seyu(258,000)(86,000)(172,000)
E'kho Htuayur(171,000)(57,000)(114,000)
E'kho Eawaeirl(127,000)(42,300)(84,700)
Huiha Aiaihfa
E'kho Eahei(339,000)(113,000)(226,000)
E'kho Orakhtoi(609,000)(203,000)(406,000)
E'kho Hiaui(515,000)(171,600)(343,400)
E'kho Kawyahlyu(495,000)(165,000)(330,000)
E'kho Auakhah(223,400)(74,500)(148,900)
E'kho Hfosaa(159,000)(53,000)(106,000)
E'kho Oiyas(98,000)(32,500)(65,500)
Atlasiykh:E'kho Hraktiskear(4000)(1,300)(2,700)
Faiwawhwe:Huiha Esoyatre
E'kho Hleahayaou(84,000)(28,000)(56,000)
E'kho Eahikh(79,400)(26,500)(52,900)
E'kho Oukeihtoi(74,200)(24,700)(49,500)
E'kho Steiai(72,200)(24,000)(48,200)
Huiha Uahwil
E'kho Oakhwohkal(52,000)(17,400)(34,600)
E'kho Tliyuftea(45,500)(15,100)(30,400)
E'kho Suhliy(44,400)(14,800)(29,600)
E'kho Ahwao(42,000)(14,000)(28,000)
E'kho Seyu(38,000)(12,500)(25,500)
E'kho Htuayur(37,200)(12,400)(24,800)
E'kho Eawaeirl(35,000)(11,600)(23,400)
Huiha Aiaihfa
E'kho Eahei(59,000)(19,500)(39,500)
E'kho Orakhtoi(57,000)(19,000)(38,000)
E'kho Hiaui(35,000)(11,600)(23,400)
E'kho Kawyahlyu(34,500)(11,500)(23,000)
E'kho Auakhah(33,700)(11,200)(22,500)
E'kho Hfosaa(30,000)(10,000)(20,000)
E'kho Oiyas(29,000)(9,600)(19,400)
Huiha Hwouwoahiw
E'kho Yukheaiw(94,500)(31,500)(63,000)
E'kho Aewi(86,200)(28,700)(57,500)
E'kho Htoioua(74,700)(24,900)(49,800)
E'kho Fihoilreil(74,300)(24,700)(49,600)
E'kho Ewoheah(73,700)(24,500)(49,200)
E'kho Oisehwih(73,200)(24,400)(48,800)
E'kho Weoiyah(69,300)(23,100)(46,200)
Huiha I'iyheas
E'kho Ahoaolr(107,000)(35,700)(71,300)
E'kho Yesiwarl(82,000)(27,300)(54,700)
E'kho Ouhkyu(76,200)(25,400)(50,800)
E'kho Iysealeah(74,000)(24,600)(49,400)
E'kho Eaaiy(64,700)(21,500)(43,200)
E'kho Ktelriykhoi(63,000)(21,000)(42,000)
E'kho Iywaifaur(62,100)(20,700)(41,400)
E'kho Eoahfi(61,500)(20,500)(41,000)
Huiha Eakteaei
E'kho Aoia(121,000)(40,300)(80,700)
E'kho Khtoahar(96,700)(32,200)(64,500)
E'kho Hwourlii(94,500)(31,500)(63,000)
E'kho Ketreh(84,200)(28,000)(56,200)
E'kho Kheoua(82,000)(27,300)(54,700)
E'kho Sahuirea(80,100)(26,700)(53,400)
E'kho Yoleaiy(79,000)(26,300)(52,700)
Huiha Awuahra
E'kho Aaih(97,200)(32,400)(64,800)
E'kho Hlyeseaas(85,100)(28,300)(56,800)
E'kho Aaolruiw(83,000)(27,600)(55,400)
E'kho Uiai(73,700)(24,500)(49,200)
E'kho Eaui'alr(73,000)(24,300)(48,700)
E'kho Roiftealroi(72,900)(24,300)(48,600)
E'kho Khtakhafah(70,100)(23,300)(46,800)
E'kho Fteawalei'(69,000)(23,000)(46,000)
Huiha Htualraluikh
E'kho Earla(104,000)(34,600)(69,400)
E'kho Ftyuhrolyel(83,400)(27,800)(55,600)
E'kho Taaooul(81,100)(27,000)(54,100)
E'kho Iylraoa(71,200)(23,700)(47,500)
E'kho Oulelye(70,000)(23,300)(46,700)
E'kho Fteasoih(69,300)(23,100)(46,200)
E'kho Kyekhealryo(68,000)(22,600)(45,400)
E'kho Oilreaweh(53,000)(17,600)(35,400)
Yaitlaorail:E'kho Hroukhteftai(4100)(1,300)(2,800)

Aslan khoiaya (armour)
A half-hryo (squadron)

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