Thursday, 4 February 2010

Website Update #2

Octopod by

After several days work, I finally updated my website yesterday so that it included both material I had finished painting, like the handsome fellow to the left, plus a quick look at some figures that had just arrived from

So, having got all that done, I thought I could stick up a quick post saying "See this stuff here" and then get on with the Traveller stuff I want to write about. And the best laid plans of mice get eaten by mutant space goats.

Arriving home from work this afternoon, there was a little package in the mail box for me from Jon at Ground Zero Games - the last of my Christmas cash, plus a little birthday present for myself for the 17th of February.

Lovely new figures: two packs of New Israeli gravbikes, a pack of the UNSC Light Infantry (which I'm thinking of using as Zhodani), a pack each of the new Cyclops Heavy Battlesuits (these lads are BIG!), a pack each of the new head sprue sets, and a pack of the new New Israeli 'dynamic posed' figures.

Pictures of all these figures are available on the Ground Zero Games site, or on Dropship Horizon. I blame Mark from the latter for my purchases as he keeps breaking the news!

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