Friday, 26 February 2010

'... for when you absolutely, positively, have to go trans-uranium on somebody's ass.'

L to R: ESU Power Armoured Infantry, Cyclops Battle Suit, ESU Naval Infantryman - figures by Ground Zero Games A chap on the Stargrunt-Full Thrust Yahoo discussion group wanted to know how large the new 15mm Cyclops Battle suits from Ground Zero Games were. The short answer is that the battle suits stand about 30mm tall, or approximately 12' or 4 meters tall in RL.

L to R: 25mm Samurai by Eureka Miniatures, Cyclops battle suit by Ground Zero GamesHere are a couple of WIPs comparing the battle suit with 15mm figures from Ground Zero Games and a 25mm Samurai from Eureka Miniatures (the only 25mm figure I have to hand).

I was initially sceptical about the whole 'walker' thing until I realised that the battle suits actually have two 'mechanical toes' for balance, rather than the metal 'boot' mechs are often depicted with. This little design touch suddenly made them believable to me - that and seeing the battle suits in Avatar.

L to R: Peter Pig Large Green Martian (Traveller Sydite), Cyclops battle suit by Ground Zero GamesJust remembered to snap a shot of the battle suit along side one of my Sydites - up until now the largest figures in my Traveller collection (well, non-vehicle figures). I think I had worked the Sydites out at twice man-height (which is a little larger than in the T20 rule book, but the Sydites in the RimWorlds eat all their greens and that's why they're so tall). The Cyclops tops them in height, and bulk.

I'm currently painting them up as support weapon platforms for my Rebel Miniatures Earth Force Marines - the latter are going to be ground forces for the Republic of Kamperal in the Miazan Subsector. Kamperal is a small, poor, high population world of moderate tech level that controls two neighbouring systems. My theory is that lacking small grav units, and with predominantly urban terrain to fight in, the Kamperalians opted for walker-type heavy weapons and armour as these can manoeuvre and fight more easily in tunnel systems and arcologies.


  1. Holy cow, those things are *huge*!

  2. Yes, Jon at GZG said that they'd be good for Powered Armour in 25mm as well - as you can see, the battle suit is a good match for the samurai, size-wise at least ;)