Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Gazolan Subsector #5 – Moving Again

It has been a number of months since I last looked at Gazolan Subsector. Rolling up an entire subsector of average and below average Tech Level worlds with indifferent to rubbish starports was rather depressing – I had anticipated a spread of Tech Levels and facilities, though I expected a much wider spread over 30 systems.

Looking at the Trade codes, I see a lot of Poor, Non-Industrial and Non-Agricultural worlds. My initial concept for the Julnar Reach, with its Poor, Non-Industrial worlds, was that the 10th Century mining boom – mentioned previously in connection with Tulvan in Gamelea Subsector - had paid out and that the Reach Systems had then experienced a decades-long economic depression. I still like this idea and it gells with the results I rolled up for this section of the Gazolan Subsector, so I will lock in the main world names and UWPs for the Coreward end of the Julnar Reach and declare them complete.

I did play around with the idea that, as Gazolan Subsector has been a battle field subsector on a number of occasions, the economy, infrastructure and facilities of the systems within the subsector had taken repeated hits and were still recovering. The 4th Outrim War of 1080 – 85 was the last major war that might have impacted Gazolan Subsector. While the main theatre of conflict was further Rimward in Gamelea and Miazan Subsectors, Outrim Coalition naval units most certainly pushed over the border through Daltharmai Subsector, and along the Daltharmai Main, into Gazolan Subsector.

I have decided that the Azakarii Cluster (previously Constellation E) and the Miigaurshish (the Wedding Cup) contain the Industrial worlds of the subsector – these were the systems that fell initially to the Imperial advance in the mid 6th Century, prior to the extended period of conflict that was to ultimately destroy Sector Duke Kolin I’s dynasty. It was here that the Outrim incursions of the 4th Outrim War were halted. Given that Thiroor, the Subsector Capital, is at 2213, right on the rim of the Wedding Cup, and that House Hendrian of Thiroor’s power base was firmly fixed amongst the Miigaurshish systems, it is likely that this region of space is well settled and well developed. Just over a decade after the end of the 4th Outrim War, Subsector Duke Akansair of Thiroor became Akansair I, Sector Duke of the RimWorlds.

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