Sunday, 17 June 2012

Solo Traveller - Aloin's Saga #1

Aloin Grathikka was born on the desert world of Golus in the Miazan Subsector. His father, Gealar Grathikka, was a Water Miner. Gealar worked on the Aldesarn Valley Project to bring ice slurry from Golus’ northern icecap south across the Jakabsan Range to the marginal farmlands in the Aldesarn Valley region, south and west of Tartesh, the capital town of Golus. Aloin’s mother, Imeneene, was the pilot of a free trader and was offworld, more often than not, while Aloin was growing up. It was only later in life that Aloin learned more about his mother’s offworld activities and how many shades of grey she existed in.

When Aloin was fourteen, his parents separated and his father took up with Meccan Vesukka, a maintenance tech at Golus Downport. Aloin had spent a lot of time growing up as a latch key kid in Tartesh, hanging out after school with the native Olkathi younglings who would drift into the local parks while their parents were water-drunk, but his father’s new living arrangements necessitated a move to the bleak urban wasteland of Golus Downport. By the time he was eighteen, Aloin had little idea about what he wanted to do with his life, except that he wanted to get off Golus and leave the desert dry behind.

Meccan Vesukka was able to use her contacts to find a berth for Aloin aboard the free trader Iridium Queen, Captain Elera Lukk, out of Celephais, and currently shorthanded. And so on 104-1107 Aloin ducked through the main hatch of the Iridium Queen and watched it close tight against the desert vistas of Golus.

This is Aloin’s character sheet, created with the Mongoose Traveller rules – after the end of his first term. I do like the pre-enlistment Skill sets that come from the character’s home world. This part of the character creation process was absent in Classic Traveller but, I believe, was introduced in one of the later versions of the rules.