Thursday, 4 March 2010

Accidents in Astrography: RimWorlds Sector

RimWorlds Sector map c. 1984
This is the original sector map of the RimWorlds Sector, as drawn by me back in 1984 or 1985. Gamelea Subsector occupies the K region of the sector.

The light green area of the map shows the part of the sector under Imperial control. The blue area in the Lymethius subsector (Subsector J) is the Geithurian Republic, a human-dominated but anti-Imperial polity.

In Subsector L (Nolgor Subsector), Lur (homeworld of the insectoid Zoni), the Theocracy of Lotarf and the splinter state of Naos VI are all resisting Imperial control, while in Miazan Subsector (Subsector N), the Republic of Kamperal has become increasingly hostile to Imperial control to the point that the Miazan Subsector Duke is preparing to declare that a state of rebellion exists within the borders of the Imperium.

Gamelea, Nolgor and Miazan subsectors are all beset with political weakness, stagnant economies, corruption and hostile neighbours. Each subsector has its own unique flavour and all offer challenges to adventurers.

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