Thursday, 18 March 2010

Website Update #5

The thin green line - Geithurian Republic MarinesFinished off some figures this afternoon - 15mm Crusaders from - and updated my modeling log.

I now have a light platoon of three squads - each squad consists of two fire teams (including a support weapon) and a weapons team.

My long term goal is to build a second platoon - two packs of Crusaders and a Heavy Weapons pack - and round out the resulting light company with a Crusader Command pack.

These Crusaders will be serving as Geithurian Republic Marines. The Republican Marines get the best equipment available - Tech Level 12 - which still leaves them ill-equipped to confront Imperial Marines head-on, though squad support is provided by imported PGMP-13s.

Geithurian Republic Marines are deployed in positional assaults, planetary assaults and ship actions.


  1. These guys look good. It's refreshing to see 15mm sci-fi on individual bases...

  2. I'm still debating what combat rules to use - so the figures are mounted on washers and I have magnetic sheat I can use to make sabot fire section bases if needed.

    Glad you like the Crusaders. I like the slightly retro helmets, and these could be trimmed up to make nice Clone Wars clone soldiers.