Saturday, 13 March 2010

Website Update #4

Kamperalian Section with Squad support Battlesuits - Battlesuits by Ground Zero Games, Infantry by Rebel MinisIt’s taken several days, but I’ve finally updated my modelling log and my webpage.

I’m quite pleased with how my Ground Zero Games Heavy Battlesuits have come out, and I like the Rebel Minis Earthforce Marines – now doing duty as Kamperalian infantry. The evolution of the Kamperalian Ground Forces as a distinctive Tech Level 11, non-Grav using army has been quite fun, as well.

Checking my notes, I see that both Floranna and Ektra, the other two worlds in the Kamperal polity, have similarly restricted operating areas for armed forces as Kamperal, itself. Floranna is a water world, with the population of some 7 million sophonts living in domed undersea settlements, while Ektra, a small, waterless and nearly airless world supports nearly 9 million sophonts in various subterranean warrens. In both cases, the Kamperalian Heavy Battlesuits should easily support the infantry in their patrol and garrison duties, while the Combat Walkers will be able to winkle out any serious resistance.

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