Monday, 9 January 2012

Harook! Again!

After the epic fail of yesterday's photos, I took another batch today in natural light. They came out a lot better but I really need to make a proper lightbox.

Again, you can see the difference in height between a Harook and a Basic/Human/Solomani. If the GZG UNSC Marine is about 5'10" (1.78m), then the Harook must be around 8'6" to 9' tall (2.7m).

Getting the flash to work did not help with picture clarity.

Pallet used: GW Liche Purple for the body armour; Tamiya Olive Green for crest/facial "feathers" and tail; GW Scab Red and Tamiya Red for tips of crest and tail feathers; GW Blazing Orange for beaks; Tamiya Medium Blue for weapons; GW Scab Red for fingers and toes; Tamiya Metallic Grey over Black undercoat base (street/tarmac mix); GW Yellow eye orbs. GW Badab black wash over armour and faces. Squad flashes on left shoulder.

Not a terribly sophisticated pallet when I see some of the works of art that Sonny of Imitation of Life or Spacejacker of Tiny Solitary Soldiers create, and my style is more "colour inside the lines", but I'm happy with how the Harook came out, and I'm looking forward to gaming with them.

I've been thinking further about the Matchbox Smart Car I used in the previous post, and am wondering how it would look if I ripped off the wheels and replaced them with GZG grav plates and whacked a load of filler around to make it a bit more aerodynamic. I could end up with the grav equivalent of the bumblebee (insect, not Transformer) which could be rather cool.


  1. Nice to see some mpre Harook about. I like the colors you're chosen, especially the way the beak looks. Great stuff!

  2. Great job. Definitely a direction I would never have thought of going with the Harook but it works.


  3. With the dark base and dark body armour, I needed to lift some of the pallet. The yellow eye orbs worked in an Anime-sort of way and the beak colour was just a fortunate accident. Does make them more toucan or parrot-like, but also acts as a reminder that these guys are descended from avians. The Gubru from The Uplift War by David Brin are my inspiration.

  4. Given that that UNSC hardsuits are GZG "old style", they are somewhat shorter than their "new style" cousings, the UNSC LI

    The Harook look great, although they're not really my cup of tea.