Friday, 13 January 2012

Widening the View

My cunning plans for finishing off a bunch of figures crashed and burned today as I was called upon to be dutiful son-in-law. I did manage to finish off a project I started last night - an updated sector map of the RimWorlds with all statted systems named. I also added Outrim Void Sector, as some systems in the Hunt of Rronurl lie rimward of Cabria Subsector, and some of the spinward trade routes from the rimward end of Gazul Subsector pass to rimward of Miazan Subsector.

With this map in place, I can begin adding some of the trade routes I have been working out, using GURPS: Far Trader.

Once again, I generated the Outrim Void Sector map using Heaven and Earth. I set the initial system distribution to "Rift", which represents a 4% coverage. For the "B" and "C" subsectors, I regenerated these with a "Sparse" system distribution (16% coverage) which allowed me to link from spinward to trailing. I then added the extra systems I needed, rimward of Breknor/Cabria, to complete the Vargr polity of the Hunt of Rronurl, and another one further rimward to allow J-2 access out as far as "J" Subsector, some 30 parsecs rimward of Breknor.

I probably need to add a strip of at least two subsectors to spinward of Entorth Subsector to fully flesh out some of the Outrim polities I have mentioned in my notes, and give them sufficient depth to resist Imperial encroachments, while also allowing some Rift space around the edges.