Sunday, 8 January 2012


First pictures of some of my completed Harook from Mad Robot Miniatures.

Of course, my camera then decided to play up and by the time I took these shots with my wife's camera, I discovered that the two angle-poise lamps I was using had a distinctively yellowy-orange cast. I'll try and take some more shots in daylight tomorrow.

The Harook are very nice models, standing around 20mm in height and towering over my UNSC marine.

They do, however, make this slightly oversized Matchbox Smartcar look almost in scale.


  1. They are supposed to be tall aliens. The paint scheme you chose looks interesting, but the pic quality makes it difficult to make out. Can't wait for clearer pics.

    Keep 'em coming


  2. I like their APC! Got to start thinking about vehicles for my chicken warriors.