Monday, 23 April 2012

The Department released

I received my pdf copy of this much anticipated game around the middle of last week. Having been flat out at work and with the A to Z Blogging Challenge I haven't really had time to more than flick through the rules, but I like what I see.

As readers of my original post on The Department will recall, this game is a science fiction film noir police procedural skirmish game, drawing inspiration from films such as Blade Runner and I, Robot, TV programmes such as Law and Order and video games such as Syndicate.

The Department uses the Goalsystem rules mechanism developed by Scott Pyle of the Four-Colour Figures blog and most recently seen in the Blasters and Bulkheads ruleset. The Department rule book will be available from here. The first of a range of 15mm scale figures were shown on TMP recently, and will be produced by Effigy Miniatures.

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