Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A to Z: P is for Puranthea Malathu

Festivals are a time of celebration in all cultures. Prior to Christmas 2011, ChrisK on Dropship Horizon suggested a mini-campaign idea which he called ‘The Christmas War’. I liked the idea, and wondered how I might do a ‘Christmas’ conflict in my Traveller Universe. It was then that the Festival of Puranthea Malathu was born and was written up in the Library Data as this:

Puranthea Malathu
Annual Kalar-Wi political-religious festival observed for a seven day from day 359 and recalling the birth of Malathu’kal Sourka, the first Warlord of Kalar-Wi who united the clans and turned them outwards into space. Traditionally, a time when Kalar-Wi military units stand down and celebrate their lineage and battle honours.

The Kalar-Wi are, as I have mentioned, consummate warriors with a long tradition of honour, and honourable behaviour. Theirs is also a very Spartan and serious culture, not much given to the arts except in what they might teach the warrior, either in battle skills, or in examples of honourable behaviour. It seemed fitting that when they do relax, the Kalar-Wi celebrate the life of one of their own who united them and lead them outwards to glory amongst the stars.


  1. All warriors deserve their time off!
    Does that mean there will be a Yom-Kippur War style attack during the stand down?

  2. what a cool festival!
    Happy A-Zing!