Thursday, 19 April 2012

A to Z: Q is for Quer'lharto

Quer'lharto Psion (Uhul)The Quer'lharto are a Minor Race descended from large nocturnal avianoid ground hunters. First encountered as prisoners of the Vargr of Suarya by Imperial Scout Antheas Golus in 832, the origins of the Quer'lharta remained obscure. The Vargr had acquired their prisoners from traders to Rimward as status symbols and exotica, but had little interest in where their homeworld was located.

Nearly a century after her first encounter with the Quer’lharto, Antheas Golus, having rescued and befriended the elderly Quer’lhar Ishrehk Rahkhar, finally located Klarekhek, the Quer’lhar birthworld.

She discovered a decaying technological society that had torn itself apart sometime in the mid 7th Century. Part of the population had left the planet, following a charismatic spiritual leader called Lherakhar Irrek. The Irrekites progression swiftly splinted after his death and his followers scattered, some eking out a living as mercenaries, others as labourers, but all apparently losing the wish or the will to return home.

Of those that remained behind on Klarekhek, most had abandoned their cities and returned to the countryside. Quer'lharta society, Antheas Golus discovered, had suffered an enormous trauma that had broken kin links and lineages. This trauma appeared to have its origins in the rise of a Psionic caste of leaders, both spiritual and political.

Golus’ studies were interrupted by the outbreak of the Sarkul Wars and the near-collapse of the RimWorlds Sector.

And somewhere out in the wilderness beyond the rim of the Imperium, the Quer’lharto are still trying to make sense of their society and why it collapsed.

Note: The figure pictured above is a Uhul, sculpted by Eli of I See Lead People and cast by I have modified it by giving it a Force Sword – an energy sword similar to a light sabre.